Beautiful flower made from felt

Homemade ornaments are very popular today. I offer you a master class in creating a beautiful flower made of felt, which can be used as brooches or hairpins.

First of all, decide upon the colors of our flowers. We will be making pink and its creation will take three felt different shades: white, light pink and darker pink hue. We will cut the felt into rectangles the size of 2 to 3 inch, we need 20 petals for a single flower. Now with the help of scissors attach a rectangle shape petals. To do this, on the one hand a small incision, and on the other hand - round out.

Now attach each petal of a convex shape. To do this, put on the bottom of the petal a little hot glue and pinch with the thumb and index finger.

Now proceed to the assembly of our flower. We start with the assembly of the smallest petals, gluing them clockwise using hot glue. Thus, ironically glue row by row all the petals, changing the shades from white to dark pink.

Now make the core. To do this, cut off a strip of yellow felt on one side and a small incision. Then turn off the strip with a fringe, fixing hot glue and glue in the middle of a flower. Of green leaves cut out of felt and glue them to flower. Glue the circle of felt and anchoring base for brooches or pins.

Our beautiful flower made of felt ready! You can use it as a brooch or original hair accessory.


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