How to choose a hair trimmer?

Many consultants in stores may mislead the consumer, stating that the trimmer - this is a common hair clipper. Not right. Trimmer - a device for removing and cutting hair. May be a separate unit or an element of an electric razor or hair clippers. Purpose trim - trim your mustache, beard, hair removal from ears and nose.

Trimmers are universal or as an optional feature to the standard hair clippers may be additional attachment to the female epilators, there are men's, women's, and can also be groomer.

Groomer - a kind of trimmer is designed for hygienic removal of unwanted hair on the eyebrows. You can use Gummer for hair removal on small areas of the body, for example, to even the sideburns.

Trimmer for Men

Trimmer for men, should be able to deal. It does not matter whether it is a single device or a small element of machines, razors - in any case he should cut perfectly in tight, difficult places, behind the ears, dimpled chin, near the whiskers. And not only cut, but also thin out, to be able to give the desired shape mustache and beard, and create the effect of sexual stubble. With the help of this trimmer can easily and quickly at home to create their own mustache and beard in the latest fashion, following imidzhevym new trends.

For male trimmer is important to have an adjustable nozzle for a cut of hair in the range of 1 to a maximum of 12 mm, with increments of 1-2 mm.

trimmer for women

Trimmer for women - a delicate device. Often independent or goes as a nozzle to female epilator. The main condition when choosing - it's tenderness. Women's skin is much thinner and more delicate than men, especially in the underarms and bikini. Trimmer must not in any case leave bruises, cuts and irritation after use.

The female models tips for eyebrows, usually identical in shape nozzles in the men's models. Thus they are much smaller.

Trimmer for nose and ears

Trimmer for removing unwanted hair in the nose and ears are sold mostly single device. He has in this case a very narrow specialization, designed exclusively for removing hair from the nose and ears. Choosing a trimmer, carefully review the attachment, it should be small, do not have any external defects - burrs, chips. Otherwise you will get a nasty long non-healing wound. Preferably, the trimmer hair removal in these locations was streamlined shape, had a rotating head and a narrow spout.

Trimmer for beard and mustache

Considered the most optimal model from battery or a battery type of food, because they can be in this case to take with you on a business trip or traveling. In addition, batteries or batteries allow during use to avoid confusion in the electric wire. Mains trimmer is only needed when the battery is completely discharged.

Trimmer for beard and mustache come with a waterproof housing, guaranteeing not only easy to use, but also clean up pollution. Trimmer blade is made of stainless steel.

Choose a strong case and a comfortable handle for comfort during shearing. A high-quality blade - a pledge of excellent results without painful sensations.

Tips when choosing

When buying a trimmer choose the standard model without the power cord. This trimmer is recharged from the charger can work for 30-40 minutes. Network trimmer is not very convenient to use, because caring for the beard and shave more often in the bathroom, but not all bathrooms have electrical outlets.

Note the model, able to adapt to a range of voltages. With such a trimmer you can travel to any country in the world. Trimmer will feel fine and at a voltage of 100V network and 240V.

There are trimmers that run from the car cigarette lighter, it is very comfortable on the road.

Very convenient trimmer with multiple operating modes. You can choose soft or intensive mode, it lets you save time by performing the complex contour work.

There are models of trimmers that can "remember" about six modes. Before buying a trimmer hold in your hand, it should be comfortable.

Be sure to check the models supporting dry and wet-shaving. With this model you do not have to shave first, then wait for the drying of the barbs, and only then bring it up. In addition, these trimmers are easy to clean after use.

Vacuum trimmers are able not only to cut and shave, they have an amazing capacity suck sostrizhennye hair without leaving a single sink. With such a model, your significant other will never be to blame for the mess in the bathroom.

Additional convenience trimmer will give a special case or console for storage. Comfortable in possession trimmer with stand, which can be positioned himself trimmer, and the supplied attachments and accessories.

Some models of trimmers to remove hair in the nose and ears are often working from simple Class AA batteries.

When choosing a trimmer you must pay attention to the weight of the instrument, as well as the convenience of placing buttons. Well, if the trimmer is equipped with a switch for different lengths of hair.

Pay attention to the blade trimmer. Convenient and easy-to-use removable ceramic blades. There is no need to lubricate them, sufficiently rinsed them for cleaning tap water. Ask whether you can buy for your chosen model interchangeable blades. Indeed, over time, any blade blunt and require replacement.

Prefer trimmer with charging indicator.

For a thorough look at the hairstyle of the models with built-in lighting that will not miss any excess hair.

It is not necessary to purchase for home use expensive professional trimmers, their quality is not particularly different from the usual. The difference is that the professional trimmers are designed for very long, almost non-stop.

If you want to buy a trimmer for beard and hair clippers nose and ears, to improve the shape of eyebrows, then turn your attention to the multi-function devices with a large number of different baits.


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