e-Sports: sport XXI Century

Competitions eSports fill football stadiums to see some of its end.

Reflexes, adrenaline, effort, training, dedication, stress, team play, accuracy ... there are many things that elite sport demands. Joy, anger, sadness, excitement, emotion, passion ... are too many feelings it conveys. Sports enthusiasts live this every weekend, without knowing exactly why, this cocktail of feelings hooks us usually for life.

All this also applies to electronic sports, but ... And what is this electronic sports? The term comes from the English word "eSports", ie, electronic sports. It is not only a new way of understanding the sport. It is essentially professional video game competitions. We are talking about a fully professionalized industry in other countries like the United States, South Korea, Germany, France and Sweden and that moves billions of euros annually throughout the world. Industry about 15 years ago did not exist.

Without going any further Amazon surpassed Google a few months ago in the bidding buying Twitch.tv (the main viewing platform eSports games) for $970 million. The figure may seem not too high compared to other sports, but if we consider that Twitch.tv has just two years of life, the importance of this amount is triggered.

There are many opinions that automatically cross out this type of competitions not be a "sport". But if you look in detail we will see how it can be defined as such (or at least the term is more than questionable as it shares many features).

It is important to understand that not all video games are eSports, in fact only 5 or 6 are. All these games that you compete professionally fulfill a series of requirements: they are played around the world are massively followed by spectators and fans, require a high level of daily training, moving amounts of very important money and of course, they have structures competitive professionals such as leagues, tournaments, teams, clubs, federations, advertising agencies, press, television channels themselves etc.

The great effort and mental concentration that require strict and constant training (in many cases more than 10 hours daily), the great individual skill and incredible coordination of team play required, together with the professional competitive structure, and we approach to say that the surplus eSports have similarities with conventional "classic" or sports. If we also stop to analyze the figures and compare them to other disciplines, such as the 32 million viewers of the final World Championship League of Legends (the most popular eSports) begin to understand its magnitude.

e-Sports: sport XXI Century
In fact, these are gaining importance is such that Roy Hibbert star player of the Indiana Pacers in the NBA, has recently encouraged to invest in the eSports ensuring that they are the future.

And speaking of the NBA, it is striking that competitions have been held electronic sports pavilions of the American Basketball League and that they, despite their nearly 20,000 spectators, are already starting to run small for this industry. The Staples Center, Pavilion of the legendary Los Angeles Lakers, has hosted a tournament eSports and all entries
They were sold quickly, but not the only sports arena in which we have seen e-sports competitions. The SAP Center of San Jose Sharks (NHL team) or football stadiums like the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt or the Seoul World Cup Stadium with 50,000 and 66,000 respectively have also hosted such competitions. There is many ways to make esports bets on betting websites such as cybbet.com and many others.

What is clear is that if chess, poker, darts or golf are considered sports (not without its controversy) this is also a sport. I would even say that electronic sports are, notwithstanding the obvious distances, something like motorsports. Are Formula 1 or Moto GP Sports? The answer seems clearly yes, however it is necessary to specify that comes to sports "engine" to differentiate them from the rest. Many times they are accused of being sports engineering or pilots do not require great physical condition, in fact lighter as they are, the better. Practically never speaks of "athletes" if not "pilots", like in electronic sports where players are called or gamers.

Other important points in common are certainly the big step forward taken by the Turkish club Besiktas by becoming the first professional sports club to add to their disciplines a team of electronic sports (and it seems that will not be the only one). It also highlights the announcement of KOC (Korean Olympic Committee) recognizing eSports as an Olympic sport in South Korea.

This article is not intended at any time enter comparisons, simply present a possible new form of sport and invite reflection.

Anyway, the important thing is not whether eSports is a sport or not, or whether people consider it as such, if not the magnitude and exponential growth of this sector is experiencing year after year, internationalization and of course, their monetization. In Spain the pace is slower than in the leading countries, but growth here is also undeniable and from Marca.com we will contribute our grain of sand to bring you all information on the sport of the future.

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