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It's no secret that our lives would be much harder without bags. Wherever we went: a walk, to work, to visit, especially in the store, everywhere we take a bag. Handbags, purses, shopping bags, briefcases, suitcases are our faithful companions and helpers in everyday life.

What fashionista would give up a brand new handbag? Solid businessman does not always stand in front of a coice for brand new leather briefcase. A variety of bags is very rich not only the color, shape or size, but also the materials from which they are made.

The bags are commercially available for a long period of time, but the one and only can be created by the master. What will it take for a basis? What material will choosen? Will it be denim with fancy rubs, finished metal fittings or painted by hand. Or is it going to be pieces of colored leather, bound together with cords or filaments interspersed with beads. Ideas to Master come suddenly. It may be inspired by the contemplation of natural beauty, characters or maybe by the one for whom this bag is done.

    Is it possible to make a custom bag? Of course its possible. But it is worth considering that the fantasy. This is not the work of a tailor when the clothes are sewn right on the figure, and clarity of the lines is important. Author's bag - the subject of creativity. It can be done for a particular suit or shoes, or for a specific purpose. You can dream up and create an original thing that will shape the identity of its owner.

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