In Sweden eSports classes will be taught

Image: End of the World League of Legends 2014
Several institutes of Sweden begin eSports teach from next semester. This want their students to practice their favorite games and learn all about this booming sector.

Before all answer the question many are asking: What is eSports?

Esports is an acronym for electronic sports (electronic sports). There are a number of sports, despite the redundancy, which are played in front of a console, either computer or a different, usually strategy, a kind of modern chess. It is important that each game has a multiplayer mode in which the different players to compete among themselves, individually or as part of a team with a common goal, to defeat their opponents in dota 2 bets.

Many people another question is asked when told of this and if those players earn money, whether it's serious or just for fun. The answer is clear and simple: Yes, earn a lot of money. The amount of money that moves in this area is amazing and every year is increasing. This money is mainly generated by propaganda, marketing and especially the displays via stream (live from specialized internet platforms). Such is the amount of people who see this kind of sports in the finals of the World League of Legends last year count public Internet greatly exceeded the number of people who saw the NBA Finals. With respect to its seriousness, professional athletes higher level can charge an average of 300,000 euros per year, not counting the profits outside the tournament prizes and others, where sponsorships of major brands such as Coca-Cola come into play and Red Bull among many others.

In short it is a world with a lot of potential and is in full development in our country.

Returning to the main theme, this time will discuss the case of Sweden, which adds to this "pro-eSports" initiative to call in some way and do not want to be left behind with respect to evolution. In the Nordic country institutes will not provide a full program of eSports, but part of the compulsory subjects such as language and mathematics, some modalities be offered different subjects related to eSport. These classes will be held in a format of 3 hours per week.

They have also argued that added to classes, also hope to create teams representing different institutes on the goal of competing in tournaments such as Dreamhack, plus a possible competition between schools in the future. Some of the institutes also give you the opportunity students who are studying "Events" organize a great tournament in his senior year, as a final project.

The Chairman of the Board of Education and Employment Sigtuna, Ibrahim Khalifa said in a press release that "The school system should get better educate people about contemporary society, and this is a proof of that." Similarly the director of the Institute of Karlstad, one of the institutes that taught such classes states that "about showing respect for this group of students" mode.

Day by day the eSports sector is gaining more weight in Western society. If we continue at this rate maybe someday we approach the same level, sociocultural for example have the leaders of this world, Asians, who have managed to know to maximize their economic potential, where professionals are most recognized in their countries as heroes national and charge large sums that reach even one million Euros.


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