The best way to take photos of jewelry.

Have you ever tried to take pictures of small crystals, faceted glass stones or jewelry type Swarovski?

Each photographer, ask for such a purpose, is faced with a problem when polished faces having good reflectivity, beat off the flash light and create on the surface of the harshest glare, which can not, at times, even to fix almost all-powerful Photoshop.

Sparks backlight also able to "confuse" AF setting in your camera and stop to create beautiful images of beautiful objects.

Photo of jewelry can be difficult if you do not follow some professional things. So what? Let's look at this tutorial photos are five simple rules that will help the novice photographer to understand how to photograph jewelry.

All the jewelry, the more products with "stones" should be dealt with well. It is due to the lighting can achieve the desired effect in the photo, when stresses beauty products in the best possible way.

Diffuse (or it is called the diffused) lighting best suited for photographing, so as to minimize defects generated during passage of light in the shadow. You can use your existing Photobox as outbreaks, and natural lighting.

Jewels are beautiful if you photograph them in the right light. But if you don’t keep them safe, there might be nothing left to take photos of. At we will make sure that your valuables will stay safe. Don’t forget to do locks rekey when you move to a new home, prevent intrusion and theft!

On sunny days, you can make a light construction Photobox from the room, sunlight will be enough to light up all valuables. If you plan to use the flash, please note that the built-in flash or video cameras tend to give too much direct light, which is bound to cause a flare in crystals or unwanted glare on the metal surface decoration. Instead of on-camera flash is better to use even simple models of household fixtures. Illumination of them passed through the wall Photobox will create the necessary intensity and distraction lighting.

Use the built-in camera light meter, if it is provided by the design and choose a point / partial metering. Expose the camera a certain area of the frame (about 8-10% of the total) and will determine the appropriate ekspoparu on the basis of the results obtained.

Why not fit the standard setting for digital cameras on the matrix or evaluative metering? Because automatic try to "average" the whole scene and the most "correct" exposed by the entire image. If the photos of landscapes or even portraits of such a method is universal, for photographing jewelry it does not fit completely. Small stones, Swarovski crystals should be photographed with a more precise focus mode, which means that the camera must be set to spot metering.

Glare on the crystal faces can be misleading autofocus camera, so the photographer should use the manual tuning mode focus. Certainly - the use of a tripod is mandatory.

If you shoot jewelry for some online store, it is possible to restrict the image of the object on a white background. Well, at least, take photos with the reflection on the mirror surface. (We wrote about this in the article "Subject photographing in the studio with the reflection from the surface.")

And if you decide to remove a piece of jewelry with a share of artistry, is worth thinking about photo composition. (D it is always necessary to think about, but in this case - in more detail.)

Earrings can be positioned at some dark or even better black dais. Black color will emphasize fine details and allow the same crystals shine.

Bracelets and necklaces can be neatly put or hung on monofilament that almost can not be seen, and "traces" of them can be easily removed in the editor during postprocessing. If you have a decorative "holders" for decorations, use them. Place a piece of jewelry on a glass handle or a special pedestal, it will look much more interesting visually plane.pravilno photograph stones

Adhere to the principle - less is better. Entourage does not have to be aggressive and detract from the piece of jewelry.

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Photo jewelry can be especially finicky when it comes to silver, gold or even some shiny metal. This surface reflects and flashes from the softbox and flash, so in the end, the light can spoil the picture. To avoid unwanted reflections, try to tilt the softbox or flash at different angles. You may need to fully open the iris, but you will avoid direct light spots. This is normal when there is clearance around the edges and sides of the product, but it looks unprofessional when recorded directly on the surface.

Photo of the metal decoration

Use natural light whenever possible, and you can avoid the problems associated with the use of flash. When shooting in the studio, you will need a tripod and constant light sources. This technique allows to minimize the shutter speed, but the camera at the same time must be stationary.

Secrets jewelry photos

A small trick: Always wear gloves when deciding "little recompose", it ensures that you endless polishing stones or mashing stains from the fingers to the editor. There is nothing that spoils the picture than the big fingerprint in the middle of a beautiful medallion.

And always remember: when shooting jewelry devil is in the details!

This type of photography is akin makrofoto. Investing in a good macro lens or a set of extension tubes, you greatly facilitates your life as a jewelry photographer. And you do not even have to come up with the idea "to do without a tripod." Tripod when shooting jewelry is as indispensable as the lighting.

If you want to engrave, beat her light to have a good read shadows and grooves on the decoration. The same is true for the hand-painted or complex beadwork. In general, photo jewelry, you have the widest opportunity to exercise your creativity.


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