Why are man's suits of manual work so valued?

Men's suits are handmade with a lot of advantages, provided by the labor invested in them. The higher the level of the costume, the more time it takes to make it. For example, the order of usual good suits takes about 3-4 hours, and for suits of extra class about 15-18 hours. We'll tell you in more detail about what really gives value to such costumes.

The role of handmade work in a suit is difficult not to be appreciated, and the point is not that the tailor "specially for you" does for hours manually what the sewing machine will take minutes. This really affects the quality of the costume. Take, for example, the so-called shoulder belt, if it is sewn (sewed) on a typewriter, the fabric will be fixed once and for all. When this is done manually, the thread has a small degree of freedom and the sewn fabric is more elastic, which allows the entire shoulder belt to ideally "sit down" over your figure. It seems a trifle, but from such trifles depends the suit's comfort, appearance and class of clothes. The thinner and softer the seams, the more laborious was the process of creating a suit and the more convenient it would turn out to be.

Matching the pattern of fabric costumes in stripes and the cage provides cutting by hand. Thus, you can find a men's suit, cut as if from one piece, especially it is important for places such as pockets and collar. Find out how suits are made by Souster and Hicks tailors

Also very important is the way of assembling a suit, in a hand-made suit there is no place for glue. The fabric on the expensive jacket, if you just grab it in the collarbone area, it is easy to separate it from the inner lining on the chest - that in the old way is made of horse hair and camel hair, but only from the highest quality samples. The jacket "without glue" gives such lightness to the silhouette, which can only give a thin shirt.

One of the secrets of the ideal silhouette of a man's costume handmade can be noted that when you create it, all the details of the future jacket are first hand-made and checked for compliance from the standards. And then there is a gradual pritachivanie all the details, partly on the typewriter and partly by hand. At the same time, ironing occurs at almost every stage. The finished suit is again checked for compliance with all dimensions and for the absence of any other defects.

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